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Anab Mohamud / SPACE2GROW

Fighting for Health Education

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„Space2GroW builds a bridge between women refugees and the healthcare system in Berlin,“ says Anab Mohamud, describing the goal of her project. „We offer workshops and individual counselling, inform women on health issues, and explain the purpose of family planning and contraception. We help refugee women reclaim their power. “We empower women.”

In 2017, Anab launched the Space2GroW project. The idea came to her as she was working as a psychosocial trainer in refugee centers after escaping from Somalia. She quickly realised that there are barriers between women refugees and the German healthcare system, largely due to their background and their beliefs, especially when it comes to the topic of family planning.

Beyond her expertise, Anab approaches participants, who join her in workshops and consultations at Space2GroW with empathy, leading to a relationship built on trust. When she speaks to women refugees, she can relate to her own refugee experience and lays the foundation for building the bridge between the refugee women and how things work in their new home. Anab Mohamud is one of them. This also makes it easier to speak about sensitive topics such as contraception, pre-natal preparation and follow-up, and the facts about menstruation and fertility.

„It is motivating to see how many women with different stories we have already been able to reach out to. And how they pass on what they have learned in our workshop to other women,“ says Anab. „We are empowering women in and around Berlin by helping them to shape their lives the way they want to.“