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Syrian Cheese made in Brandenburg

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When I see Germans and Arabs reminiscing about their homeland when they taste my cheese , I know that Freudy is the right name for my product line,“ says Beslan Kabartai. “Freudy” is a play on Freude, the german word for „joy“.

In 2018, Beslan founded Freudy UG in Berlin and therewith actualized a dream of his. Using traditional recipes and manufacturing processes, he produces high-quality halloumi, Circassian cheese, and hard cheese as well as Syrian yoghurt and quark in neighbouring Brandenburg and sells it throughout Germany and Europe. „Freudy stands for fresh and natural diaryproducts that are free of chemical preservatives.” Beslan learned his trade back in Damascus. While at university, he openeda small cheesemaking shop. When war broke out, Beslan had to leave Syria and ended up in Berlin.

It was important to him to get a good understanding of the German language right away. On top of that hemastered bureaucratic hurdles, expanded his expertise at trade fairs and at various dairies, and soon found his path: „Many German friends have helped me to integrate and settle in Germany after I lost everything in Syria. That’s why I thought about giving something back to the German community,“ he recalls.

Beslan has found a local partner in Benjamin Meise, a milk producer in Brandenburg. Beslan Kabartai provides the expertise, while Benjamin Meise provides the milk and access to his production facilities in Buchholz near Fürstenwalde.  With Benjamin Meise, Beslan chose a production partner who is equally committed to social entrepreneurship as he is.  is that the two share an entrepreneurial understanding committed to social concerns.

„Freudy is not just about enjoying delicious and healthy dairy products, but also bringing people closer together and creating jobs for refugees and job seekers. Sometimes people just need a chance to do their best,“ says Beslan, speaking from experience, and adding: „Integration happens on both sides. If I offer the best of my culture and accept the other people here, that’s integration for me.“